(FOTD) Curls and brown lips on this gloomy day

IMG_5385This is such a fall lip colour but this summer I have been staying away from my usual bright tones and rocking nudes and dark shades. Go figure. This is Styled in Sepia by MAC.


I mean I used to wear dark brown lips in the 90s when everyone else did but since I stayed far from it as I feel it washes me out unless I am tanned.  Since these colours have returned by popular demand I have been experimenting with them and I think with the right eye make up and some bronzer, I can pull it off.


Today is such a rainy and gloomy day that it seemed appropriate. I kept my eye make up simple for the most part, combining some neutral brown/grey tones and liquid liner to make them pop.


I want to try Stone by MAC, which is more of a grey/brown/mauve. I am getting brave here lol

On a more happier note, it’s Friday!!! I hope everyone has an amazing weekend xo.


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