What is strobing? Contouring for lazy girls??? :)


Hello all you beautiful people. I know I said last time that I would go back to my regular posting and I meant to keep my word however I have been really stressed and tired and didn’t have it in me. I plan to make good on my word this time around. So what is strobing? Well it is using only a highlighter to accentuate your facial features without the full out contouring technique.

Who really has time to contour their face every single day? Or every morning while getting ready for work or school? Not I.
This is where strobing comes in.


It is a relatively new make up trend but I am pretty sure a lot of us have been doing it before it even got this name. I know I have. You can go all out and really make that highlighter pop or you can be more subtle with it and make it natural like I have here. It’s only because it’s during the day and I am the office but at nighttime I would definitely go a little more intense.

You are only really working with a highlighter, no bronzers and blush or any heavy and dark tones. You are simply applying the highlighter to your cheeks, nose, above and below lip, brow bone and sides of eyes. It creates a really pretty yet subtle illuminating glow. I love it. It gives my face life, brightness and I don’t even care to put any other make up on my face.


It’s simple and quick. In 2.5 secs literally I am ready to go. This is a great technique that leaves your face looking fresh and lightweight without the heavy look that contouring often times can create.

In this look today, I am only have some mascara and lipstick. But with the highlighter and strobing my face looks smooth and flawless if I can say so myself.

For this particular look I have used Wet n Wild Blush and Glow trio but only the pearl pink shade.

20150420_140547-01Have you guys heard of strobing and do you use this technique? Let me know!

Nina xo

3 thoughts on “What is strobing? Contouring for lazy girls??? :)

  1. The world is going crazy with strobing, just as it did with contouring πŸ˜€ I never loved contouring so strobing is a much better thing for me personally ^.^ You are looking great and fresh faced πŸ™‚


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