Curly hair products I’ve been using lately – Product Reviews

IMG_4875I have tried every curly hair product under the sun. Well not every, but enough to open up my own hair supply store. I swear by Shea Moisture products and promote them every chance I get (I think I should be their spokes person or something!) and this line just really works for me. I love love love ! But every now and then I like to try new stuff, so here are 3 new products I got recently.

1. Cream of Nature Argan Oil Butter-licious curls Creme-of-Nature-Argan-Oil-Butter-Licious-Curls-Curl-Hydrating-Cream-75-oz-0-0 Terrible. Let me elaborate. I have used a few other products from this line, their conditioner and oil moisturizer. They smell divine. I love it. And when you first put it on your hair feels and looks amazing. My hair is very dry and still healing from bleach damage so it soaks it right up. Then I noticed over the time that my hair started to get tangled really bad and I had knots everywhere and it started to fall out. No matter how much I washed it, still felt like it had product build up. This was the only products I was using, so it couldn’t be anything else. I was really upset because this is much cheaper than Shea Moisture so I thought I found a replacement, until I can go to the U.S. and get Shea Moisture for cheaper. So why did I purchase this butter you ask? Well because it is a new product that said no sulfates, no parabens, no mineral oil, no petrolatum, so I thought wow new and improved. Nothing to give me build up. Pudding-Perfection As soon as I applied this on my freshly washed hair, I felt my hair harden. Not in a gel crunchy way, but it was like cement hard and stuck together. I worked it through and diffused it and I was left with stringy undefined curls, frizz, dryness and it felt so sticky to the touch. It was knotted and matted and just gross in every way. I instantly had to wash it out. I tried it again the next day just to make sure and yup the same thing. This was garbage, $12.99 worth of garbage.

2. Curl Keeper Styling Cream – $14.99 ImageHandler.axd I actually never heard of Curl Keeper but I did a quick product review search on my phone while in the store and curly community seemed pleased enough so I went for it. I really like it. I am not overly impressed but I like it enough to finish the bottle. Maybe not repurchase but …. – smells nice – thick consistency like body lotion – it defines the curls and holds them without frizz – no build up – good for second day  hair, as it reactivates with water

3. As I Am Leave In Conditioner – $14.99 product-leave-in-conditioner I have always heard nothing but great things about As I Am Hair Line but never tried any of their stuff. I got this leave in conditioner as I needed on and I love leave ins because you get a conditioner and a styling product pretty much. So it is not amazing or spectacular but it is a solid product. – great for thirsty hair – water based and it contains an organic strengthening agent and natural ingredient that promotes hair strength – helps with frizz – it’s a creamy but pretty lightweight texture,but still holds and moisturizes – has a very light and gentle scent I would purchase this again and use as a leave in conditioner but still use my Shea Moisture Curl Milk as styling product. The pictures of me are after using the As I am leave in and Curl Keeper combined. IMG_4747 So there you have it. Have you guys used any of these?

10 thoughts on “Curly hair products I’ve been using lately – Product Reviews

    1. Thank you! I actually only really recommend Shea Moisture products as I am the happiest with those and anyone I’ve told to try loved it just as much. I use the Curl Milk by Shea Moisture and Curling Souffle. I am not sure where you live but here in Toronto they are hard to find however in the States they have them in drug stores 🙂

    1. Well my hair is naturally curly so the curls are always there lol but just gotta find the right product to bring the best out of them. Yeah here I mainly used this leave in and a bit of the curl keeper cream 🙂

      1. I’m glad to hear that! We arrived to my parents-in-law place today, which means I have my clothes, makeup and computer again. So I’m very happy right now 😁

      2. When we moved to the capital we went by bus and couldn’t take much stuff and I only packed for two weeks. At the end we never could go for some reason and it’s been 5 months now!


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