The power of bright lipstick

IMG_4829I have been in excruciating pain due to my inflamed wisdom tooth and my entire face was swollen and every inch of my body has been hurting. The antibiotics are finally starting to kick in so I am feeling a bit better and I had to go back to work today. I still look like death but couldn’t show up to the office like that, so some contouring slimmed down the face and bright lipstick livened everything up!

IMG_4832I have been suffering with my wisdom teeth for 7 years now. I need to take them out but I am scared. Yes I know I know but I am scared. My situation is a bit more complicated then just extracting the teeth so every few months they get inflamed and I go through absolute hell. I mean unless you’ve been through this you would think I am lying when I say that one wisdom tooth will make your entire body hurt. Your head, your legs, your back, your throat, you will have a fever and yeah all the fun stuff.

I feel like a good bright colour lipstick can really make a huge difference. Whether I am tired, puffy, sleep deprived, sick, or have absolutely no other make up on my face, applying a great bright vibrant colour, perks me right up. It gives your face a nice glow, bright look and you look dolled up enough.

I am wearing Revlon HD lipstick in Orchid.


This lipstick is really creamy and applies very smoothly. However, it doesn’t last long at all. It literally comes off my lips within 20 mins. However, the colour is gorgeous and very pigmented. It also has quite a strong scent but it’s not a bad one, but it’s very present. That usually doesn’t bother me, unless it is a bad scent but I know some don’t like any at all. So fyi.


16 thoughts on “The power of bright lipstick

  1. So sorry for you love, as if the migraines aren’t enough already 😦 Hopefully you’ll feel better tomorrow 💗💗💗

      1. I’m definitely sending a lot of good vibes and love to help you heal 💕 For the remedy, I’m not that good yet, still learning. I guess the only remedy is a long term one, you know all that annoying stuff like eating healthy (probably raw vegan), doing yoga, meditation, using crystals and herbs. Sounds easy doesn’t it hehhheee Let me know how you’re feeling tomorrow! 😘

  2. Oh yes….when I wear bright pink or red I always get lots of compliments. They brighten up the whole complexion.

  3. Gorgeous even when in pain. One couldn’t tell. But for your sanity. Go get your teeth out! I went through hell but it’s better than the pain. Trust me!


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