MAC Prep+Prime CC Colour Correct Line – Neutralize yellow pressed powder review

MAC-prepprime-color-collectionMAC came out with this prep and prime correcting line I believe last year February that basically is designed to adjust skin tones. There are 4 different shades, peach, orange, lavender and yellow and each target different skin nuances. They come in a form of a cream, loose powder and pressed powder. The one I have is the yellow pressed powder, also known as Neutralize, which is supposed to erase the pink and uneven skin. Having rosacea, I needed this in my life!


First off all, I don’t see the hype about this. I have read great reviews online and I just don’t have this same opinion. This powder does absolutely nothing for me at all. I don’t feel that it erases the pink I have on my face, and I find that it dulls my skin tone and makes it very grey almost. Am I applying this wrong ??? Does anyone use these? Feel free to share please.


Here they all are:

Peach aka Adjust – to brighten skin tones

Orange aka Recharge – to brighten skin but for deeper skin tones

Lavender aka Illuminate – reverse dullness and well… illuminate

Yellow aka Neutralize – to erase the pink flushed tones and even out skin

I have tried to play with this a few times and I don’t get it. I’ve applied it underneath my foundation, on top, underneath my eyes as I heard it erases dark circles too and nope.  The only thing I liked is the days I want to wear my foundation as a matte look, this definitely gives me that look.

Has anyone used any of these? Do share!

Btw I would’ve given you guys a before and after, but there was no difference at all in my eyes but I do need glasses so who knows lol!


2 thoughts on “MAC Prep+Prime CC Colour Correct Line – Neutralize yellow pressed powder review

  1. Hi Nina, the problem here is that yellow does not neutralize red tones. Yellow is used to neutralize brown spots. If you need to correct rosacea, you must use green corrector. Look for a wheel color picture in the Internet. The color located at the opposite site of the unwanted color is the one you use to neutralize it. Mac ad is wrong.

    1. Thanks for your input Maria. I am well aware of different colour concealers and what they are used for. But this is not a regular concelear and I never said that yellow covers up redness. MAC prep and prime yellow, is not actually yellow. It’s translucent and claims to neutralize uneven tone, does not matter if it’s pink, red, or anything else. It’s supposed to subdue whatever uneven tones you have.


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