LOTD – Yet another hair change ;)

IMG_4317Although I loved my hair colour (going from black/red to honey brown) it changed on me totally. Everytime I washed it, I didn’t know what was going to turn into and I really wasn’t feeling how light hair looked on me. It totally washed me out. So I decided to do an ombre look and frame my face with darker colour while still leaving the rest of my hair light and summery.

I really like this look and will keep it for a while. I am not crazy in love and satisfied with the light colour. Well, I like the ends, they are a nice blonde shade but the middle part still has quite a bit of orange in it. I did use a toner to try to get the brassiness out and it did work quite a bit but I could use some more work on that.


I am quite pleased with myself overall. I do my hair all by myself and I have never gotten my hair dyed professionally. It’s always been me through trial and error. This time my friend Elena helped me with choosing toners and all that as she knows the actual theory and chemistry behind hair ๐Ÿ™‚

I am a little bit of a hypocrite because I absolutely hated the ombre look and said I would never do it as I thought it looks like really badly grown out roots… and yup here I am lol.. But it’s a subtle look and something different for summer, right?


I hope everyone has a great week. Monday is almost over so yay for that.


12 thoughts on “LOTD – Yet another hair change ;)

  1. I think you look beautiful with this hair and I think you looked beautiful with the lighter color as well, but of course it’s totally different to see it personally.
    I am the same with all the new trend “i don’t like it, i would never” and then when everyone else has already moved on to the next trend i’m like “hey i kinda like this” lol


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