How I went from black to light brown with minimum damage!

IMG_3714Let me just say that I was never afraid of bleach. When I felt like changing my hair colour, which was often, if it needed bleaching I didn’t think about it twice. Until I totally destroyed my hair. So after 2 years of repairing I am now terrified and staying far away from bleach but i did get the itch to change my hair so keep reading to find out how 🙂

I have used L’Oreal Effasol Color Remover. It’s a powder that you mix with a low volume cream developer, in this case 20. I will not sit here and make up stories that it is absolutely safe and not harsh because I would be lying. It definitely does cause some dryness and it’s still a chemical at the end of the day so it will cause some damage but nowhere close to bleach.

I cannot believe I never thought of this or believed enough in it to try it, here is the golden TIPapply coconut oil to your hair an hour or two prior to bleaching. Let it sink in and don’t wash it out. Apply bleach on top of it and coconut oil will serve as a coating protector, leave hair silky and soft and protect it from extreme damage.


I read this before but for some reason though that the oil would serve as a barrier and prevent bleach from penetrating through and doing its job. Well, I was wrong!

So I started out like this (pic below) and don’t mind my face lol black and red.


These are the steps I took to lighten my hair:

1. I applied coconut oil (thanks Nicole for my supply 🙂 all over and let it sit for about 2 hours.

2. I mixed the Effasol Color remover powder with the 20 vol cream developer as per the instructions and applied all over


3. I let that sit and this time will vary for everyone so just make sure you keep an eye on it.


4. I washed it out and then applied the colour.

I have lots of red in my hair and it’s the hardest colour to get out. So I won’t ever get it lightened the way I would want it to be but this was impressive. As you wash out your hair you see the colour washing away with it.


This hair color is not what I had in mind when I initially started and it’s weird that once it oxidized it totally changed shades.
As you will see in the pic below it is much darker and more brown.

And also to show you that my curls are still in tact and this process did not damage them here it is. Yes they are dry a bit but nothing a few more coconut oil masks won’t cure.


12 thoughts on “How I went from black to light brown with minimum damage!

  1. Looks great! I just did something very similar but I can’t get enough of the red out! And I can’t lie…. I’m afraid of bleach! lol

    1. That’s the thing with red unfortunately. I love the colour but you’re kind of stuck with it. And when you try to remove it it just turns rusty never really as light as you’d like. Ugh lol

  2. Is the pic with straight hair after color remover, but before dyeing? Also, how long did you wait between each process? Thanks!

    1. The pic with straight hair is after colour remover and after dyeing as well. I really did not wait at all. Which I don’t recommend but I get impatient so just take a risk and do it… a big risk!


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