Hair colour change

FullSizeRender(7)All my hair colour changes come as spur of the moment. There is never this long thinking process behind it. It comes to me and I go for it. Although I used to change my colour frequently that has slowed down in the past years. I always say I love red, it’s me but I went from a full red head to streaks to now… this! I wanted something different for the summer.

IMG_3625I feel that light hair doesn’t necessarily suit me. I also never used to care much about bleaching my hair until I lost my curls so after repairing my hair, which took 2 very painful years! I am very careful with bleach. However, I achieved this with a slightly different process, which you can read about in a separate blog post.

IMG_3661I achieved this colour was with minimum damage while still getting the results.

I was going for a dark brown colour and then I ended up with something quite light. ( pics above) Now that the colour has oxidized, it has changed quite a bit so it’s darker and a little weird and I am not too sure how I feel about it. It looks like this now but in different light it changes colour. Sometimes it’s golden sometimes reddish. Ahhhh!


What do you guys think?


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