Loving this Waterflash lipgloss! (product review)

IMG_3551I order all my nail things from bornprettystore and last time I ordered this gorgeous purple lipgloss (Balala Dream on me Waterflash lipgloss), really expecting it to be crappy but (hoping the pictures were right) and I am so happy that I got it because this lipgloss is everything! And so perfect for summer.


I actually ordered two shades but mistakengly they sent me two of the same. I was upset at first until I tried this gloss and then I didn’t mind. However, I love it so much that I want to share it with someone so I am thinking of doing a little giveaway and including this in it.

IMG_3553I have never heard of this brand. I have no idea what it is or even if they sell it in stores. All I know is that the colour is gorgeous and the quality is amazing too. It has a scent but it’s very subtle and pleasant. It is so pigmented and applies really thick but not gunky.

Here is the link to it on bornpretty website so you can see more about it.



I wore this today for the first time and everyone is asking me about the colour! So for all my ladies who are into bright colours and would wear this let me know and I’ll do a little giveaway!




10 thoughts on “Loving this Waterflash lipgloss! (product review)

  1. It’s so pretty and summery! *.* But at the same time I think it would cool also in the winter with like white eyeshadow and winged eyeliner, with a cold undertone it gives a little ice queen vibe 🙂 xx


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