Throwback Thursday – Many Faces of Nina

IMG_3375I consider myself to be a very versatile person when it comes to my physical appearance. There is not much that I would NOT do or try. My fashion choices are all over the map but one other thing that’s also really all over is my hair. I did a post like this before but here is part 2 because there have been THAT MANY changes in my life lol

This particularly here is when I was hating my curly hair so I went through a phase of straightening and then when it would get hot outside and my hair would start to frizz and curl I’d turn that into waves lol (bottom two pics)

I really miss my red but nope I cannot go back to it. Although I am due for a change just not sure what yet.


My mom always said you can’t do bangs. You have curly hair so you will always have to straighten it out. And she was right. I grew tired of bangs although I really like them on me πŸ™‚ But when I’d leave my hair curly it looked like worms on top of my forehead. But I love the red and bangs together.


Although you can’t tell in this picture I have red underneath the black. If you look closely you can see it peaking through. The top pic was red to and black bottom, here it’s opposite. I did this quite a bit. Indecisive much?


I actually really like when they blow dry my hair and add some waves at the tips. I can’t ever get that look myself. This is my version lol


So as I started to grow out my bangs, I did the sweeping bangs look. Not by choice but there was not much else I could do with them. Oh and this right here was clearly before I knew what to do with my eyebrows. So excuse πŸ™‚ lol

I’d love to see some posts like this from my fellow bloggers and see the stages you went through with your looks.


4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Many Faces of Nina

  1. I love posts like this! Bangs look great on you but it must’ve been so much work they’re a lot of work even for my spaghetti straight hair! Black and red both look beautiful on you πŸ’•
    Happy Weekend!


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