DIY: Distressed jeans

IMG_3231Thank you everyone for showing me so much love on my last post. I am glad you liked my DIY jeans πŸ™‚ I wore them when I went to see my mom and she absolutely hated them which my brother followed with how I look “sloppy” lol. Cut up jeans, are really in right now, it seems the more exaggerated the better. So here is how I got this look.

I had a pair of these jeans laying around and they weren’t getting much wear time. They are from Forever 21, skinny stretchy fit. It is a bit tricky to distress stretchy jeans but it’s doable.

I know there are many of these tutorials on how to achieve various distressed jeans looks and they use everything from razors to sand paper, but I only used, a marker, scissors and tweezers.


1. Put the jeans on and decide where you want to cut them.

2. Use the marker to outline and mark the cuts.

3. Using the scissors simply cut what you marked.

4. So at this point, it’s going to look a little silly and unfinished. You want to get the distressed rugged look. Or as my brother would say “sloppy” lol

5. I simply did this but taking the scissors and rubbing the edges back and forth until the threads started to hang out. The big holes I left simply like that.

6. You will notice that closer to my pocket I made a different kind of cuts and for this it takes a little more patience.Β  Cut it horizontally with about 1/2 an inch apart and by using tweezers pull out the indigo threads.

And even though I suck at explaining I hope you get an idea at least. I wanna do more and get good at this. I have a feeling I am going to go on a trip here and do a whole bunch of my jeans lol

Happy Monday Yall!

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