Gold flakes (NOTD)

Made with Repix (

I’ve been going through a nude phase with my nails. But I decided to spice up the nude and add some gold pops with nail foil. I am sure you heard about nail foil but if you haven’t, you’ll definitely want to check this out.

Nail foil is very thin and flimsy and kind of annoying to work with because it flies away lol but the results are gorgeous.

Base coat: Revlon – Elegant.
It’s a really gorgeous grey nude colour.


Nail art: Essence Nail Art Decoration Kit
It comes with rhinestones, tiny glitter fragments and larger glitter particles, flakes and foil

Application process:

1. I apply the base coat (colour of your choice) and let it dry completely.

2. I break up the foil into little chunks

3. I use the tweezers to place the foil chunks onto my nails and gently tap it down

4. I apply a clear top coat to seal it.

Made with Repix (

Here is the link to this great little nail kit by Essence


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