Wet n Wild Fergie collection Lip Stain – Throwing Shade

IMG_2817This is my first time trying anything from Fergie’s Wet N Wild collection and I am impressed with this lip stain.
This is Fergie’s Vicious Varnish High Shine Lip Stain in Throwing Shade. Just a gorgeous deep purple/violet high glossy stain.


I picked this up on my trip in Buffalo which I still had to show you everything I got! But I actually did not get this to wear it on its own. I thought it would have made a great top layer on any dark lippies I wear, if I don’t feel like wearing them matte.


But I tried it today and I am in love with it. First of all, I am impressed with the colour longevity. It did not even budge for 3 hours, even though I was drinking my coffee. It stayed on with the same intensity as when I applied it.

IMG_2822It feels a little funny at first when you put it on, feels wet. But it’s very moisturizing.
It does feel tiny bit sticky but once it dries it’s fine. Also, when it does dry, it’s not uncomfortable at all on  your lips and the gloss still remains.

The pigmentation is crazy. I will definitely wear this on its own but also on top of my dark lipsticks in the fall. I actually applied it lightly here as I did not want to go overboard at the office so this is not its full potential. The swatch on my hand is.

IMG_2691Have you tried any of Fergie’s products? What are your impressions? I definitely want to get more.


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