Thick and Fast Growing Hair! Doo Gro oil.

FullSizeRender(7)I am always on a journey for the next best thing when it comes to hair products. I swear by coconut oil and castor oil for thick hair, fast growth and healthy hair, any type but especially curls. But this latest discovery has me speechless. DOO GRO mega thick growth oil.


I came across this at my local beauty supply store because I was going to pick up another bottle of the ever great castor oil. This caught my eye because even though my hair is growing now it’s still really slow – thanks to being over processed by bleach. I also shed INSANELY. I mean I walk and hair literally falls out and leaves a trail behind. Castor oil has helped a lot with that too but the ashy smell is really off putting. So even though I have come a long way with my hair I am always on the look out.

So this oil caught my eye and I did a quick search of reviews on my phone and I did not see one negative comment. Not one! So I thought ok it’s $9.99 so it’s not a waste of money even if it doesn’t work.

There are three different bottles, as indicated below. I purchases the mega thrick growth oil – NO MINERAL OIL. I think others may contain mineral oil so if you do get this stuff make sure it’s the bottle that says no mineral oil.


This oil claims to:

  • Promotes thick, strong, growing hair
  • Thickens & strengthens weak and damaged hair
  • Shea butter, vitamin & botanical thickener formula
  • Tames frizzies
  • Adds Shine

So while I was reading the reviews, people were saying that after only one use they noticed their hair being significantly thicker and fuller and in no time they were seeing growth too. And you know what, they were not lying!

There are two ways to use it.
One: to apply as a styling oil – little goes a long way.
Two: as hot oil treatment. Shampoo your hair first, apply the oil to wet hair, massaging your scalp and distributing the rest throughout. Keep it in for an hour or two and wash out, shampoo lightly if necessary.

It is really greasy so you really need only a small amount.

After the first time, my hair was noticeably thicker. I have used it 4 times now and I shed way less. My hair is bouncy, curly, THICK THICK THICK. I haven’t noticed any growth yet but I am sure it’s way too soon for that. But also, my hair feels really strong.


I love this stuff. Please go find you a bottle of this. You will not regret it.


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