Pop of purple… FOTD

IMG_2332I am beyond exhausted today as I am running on 2 hours of sleep. This is when wonders of make up come in handy as I cannot show up to work looking like a zombie, even though I feel like one. What I find works best for times like this is applying a bright or pigmented colour, as well as white liner on your waterline.

IMG_2336When applying the white liner to the waterline, it automatically makes the eyes pop, look more awake and brighter. I add a pop of colour, to enhance that look.
I am using Essence Kajal Pencil in white. It is not very pigmented but it is creamy and does the job.


This whole look took 5 minutes, including my hair. This twist on the side as well as high bun are my go to hairstyles, as I always mention.

FullSizeRender(4)What are your guys go to hairstyles and make up looks when you are late and tired and just need to get out the door but still look nice?


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