Meet Biggie

FullSizeRender(1)Hey all you beautiful people! I wanted to do a light and fun post on Friday… I mean not like all the beauty related stuff is heavy and morbid lol but I wanted to feature something else, more personal and fun. I got a puppy!!!!!!


I really wanted a big dog, Cane Corso to be exact. They grow up to be beasts lol which is what I wanted. However, I do live in a one bedroom apartment and for an 180 lbs pound animal this would be cruel. I also work a lot and I couldn’t take it out during the day as much as I need to. So I went totally opposite route and got a fluff ball that will only be 7 lbs lol


I have a Shih Tzu who lives with my parents and he is 12 years old now but forever my baby. I love Shih Tzus and when I got Benji I was told he was a toy shih tzu. Well Benji grew to be 20 lbs bigger than any Shih Tzu I ever heard of so I got majorly duped.

My new puppy is half Shih Tzu and half long hair Chihuahua. I named him BIGGIE. Only because he is so tiny but his personality is HUGE. I was told he would only be 7 lbs and he is 7 now at 6 mts old so I think I got a little tricked again lol anyway he won’t be growing much more.

He is my little terrorist who destroy my place and chews on everything but I love him so much. So meet Biggie everyone!

2015-01-13 17.21.22sigs

10 thoughts on “Meet Biggie

    1. I know what you mean. They become family members not just simply a pet. When my other shih tzu Benji goes it’ll be really hard and he is so old now and you see it coming 😔

      1. I decided to get rats. I researched them and they were supposed to be great pets…NOT! They don’t do tricks and all that stuff they were doing on yoututube. I’ve kept an emotional distance from them. I hold them and give them kisses but not a lot. They die in a couple years so I prepared myself not to get attached. I’ll NEVER get attached to an animal like I did Georgie that was too hard!

      2. Rats? I don’t think I could get that as a pet. Lol that’s a bit much for me. It’s hard when dogs pass but I’m such a dog lover and after my first dog died I said I’m never getting another one cuz I can’t go through this again but I can’t I have to have a dog!

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