FOTD – Bringing ’98 back just for a second…

IMG_1051 Who didn’t rock dark brown lipsticks back in the 90’s? Even more so with a dark brown lipliner and all that… Hey Mary J. was my girl and growing up that was “the thing” so yes I did it. I know many things from back in the day are making a come back and I love it. I still feel I need to be more tanned to pull this colour off but it’s something I can definitely get used to! IMG_1031The colour is Styled in Sepia by MAC. I got this lipstick from my friend Brandy cuz she is just sweet like that so if you are reading this – thanks again girl! It’s a really nice chocolate brown shade and it is a matte texture. mac-styled-in-sepia2IMG_1028I must say I like the look overall with my hair pulled up in a bun and eyes done with light earth tones. I think for such lip eyes must stay neutral and pretty simple. IMG_1029I am so happy it is the long weekend as I need some much deserved rest. I don’t have any crazy plans and it’s just the way I like it. I hope everyone has a great long weekend and a Happy Easter!!! IMG_1033sigs

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