5 Things I can’t wait to bring out in spring


Spring is here… kinda sorta… technically it is but it’s not as warm yet as I’d like it to be. Anyhow. I love spring fashion. It is my favourite. We transition from layers and heavy clothes, dark deep tones to lighter, fresh and bright items. These are some things that every year as we go from winter into spring, I can’t wait to bring out.


1. Leather Jackets


I love leather jackets and have one in every colour!. Leather makes you feel classy but sexy and it’s so appropriate. This baby pink one is just so nice and the colour is gorgeous. I also love the way the zipper is.

2. Flats

Michael-Kors-Fulton-Luggage-Leather-Logo-Loafers-Flats-BlackI love flats. Closed toes, open toes, peep toe, whatever it is, I love them all! Now that flats come in different styles and you can fancy them up is great. You can wear them to the office with a nice dress, or with a pair of jeans.

3. Jumpers


I have a love for jumpers and maxi dresses. I still think maxi dresses are more of a summer attire because spring here in Toronto is still chilly but a nice jumper with a jean jacket or a leather jacket works great.
I can’t stress how much I love jumpsuits. There are all different styles to fit and flatter every body shape. I love how elegant and feminine they are.

4. Ripped denim jeans


These ones are boyfriend jeans which I grew to love. There is just something I love so much about ripped jeans… and I don’t mean little tears but big gaping holes like these ones! Love! You can pair them up with a pair of nice pumps like in this photo and just a plain tee. You got yourself an outfit!

5. Loud colour bags


I normally retire my bright coloured bags for fall and winter. I still wear bright coloured clothing ( in moderation) but bags I just can’t. It just doesn’t go with anything not with the snow , the slush, and the misery that comes with winter lol

So I love spring as I get to bring out my hot pink and yellow bags!

What is something that you guys look forward to fashion wise as spring rolls around?



4 thoughts on “5 Things I can’t wait to bring out in spring

  1. love all these items! something i like for spring are pastel colors! like baby pink mint green yellow love those pastels!


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