Mean and Green NOTD


Mean and Green is the first polish by MAC I’ve tried. I am a nail polish fiend but never tried any of the MAC nail polishes. Not sure why either. Anyway this is a really unique two-in-one colour, olive green and purple metalic hues.


I hear that with MAC’s polishes you only need one or two coats but this one I actually need more than that. It went on really opaque at first. This is 4 coats in.


All in all, I like it. I’ve tried nail polishes like this with two in one colours and although they looked to be both colours in the bottle, once applied, it wouldn’t show. This one actually does so that’s pretty neat. Also, it seemed to be holding on pretty well.


I got this from my brother’s girlfriend as she was lucky enough to go to a MAC’s ware house sale 🙂

Have you guys tried MAC’s nail polishes? What do you think?


8 thoughts on “Mean and Green NOTD

  1. Didn’t expect to like such a colour, but when applied to your fingernails…. wow, pretty nice! Ps: i like the keyboard background you got going on there! 🙂

  2. i wanna try mac nail polishes soo bad but i here that they arent good. this looks like a pretty color i like it!


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