Springtime brings beautiful dresses


The website www.promtimes.co.uk, with all the beautiful dresses that I tell you guys about from time to time has a new collection of 2015 dresses and they are gorgeous as ever! With spring approaching, in some places faster than other and in Toronto we are still wishing for it lol, I am dying to get a whole bunch of new dresses for spring/summer 2015.
Nice weather brings various events too, weddings, baby showers, patio parties, and soon after prom too. There is definitely a dress here for every occasion.

These are some of my favourite dresses that I found in their Prom Dresses 2015 section, although they can be worn for absolutely any nice occasion and not necessarily only prom.

I am obsessed with maxi dresses. They are comfortable, you can dress them up or down and there are different styles to fit every body shape.


This flowy maxi dress is simply stunning. The colour is a beautiful minty blue/green, so fresh and crisp looking. I would wear this with a nice pair of white or silver flats or the same colour heels for a dressier occasion.

I would say that attending a spring or summer wedding, your attire should reflect that time of year as well. What I mean is, light fresh colours, possibly some sparkle and glitter if you are like me and into that, for me I say bring on the bling! And this is one time of year where you can get away with wearing a shorter size dress to a wedding.

It’s a bit on the shorter side but as I said, spring/summer you can get away with this kind of stuff. Also, the fact that it’s not tight fitting, it makes the length appropriate. I love the high neck design. It balances out the length with having the chest covered, making it classy, but it’s still sexy and fresh due to it being lace.


Black is always appropriate. You can’t go wrong it. This is a very simple cocktail dress, with a minor silver accent. The back gives it a little something extra and I love that the top is loose and then it gets more fitted as it goes into the mini.


And if you do have prom in the summer or an extremely fancy event to go to then I would go all out with this number right here. This gorgeous, v-neck, champagne colour gown.



Please keep in mind that all of these dress styles come in many different colours. So you are not limited to my selections here. They have absolutely every colour to choose from. You can go read customer reviews in regards to sizes and quality. The best thing is most of these are on 50-75% sale!


Let me know which dress you like the best!

Nina xo


5 thoughts on “Springtime brings beautiful dresses

  1. The minty blue/green flowy maxi dress! It’s so elegant and fresh. It would definitely suit you Nina!

  2. beautiful dresses i like the last one the gold champagne colored one with the beading or accents on it thats really pretty!


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