FOTD – Longing for spring


Pink eyeshadow really compliments brown eyes. It gives them a soft look but at the same time makes them pop!


I love this L’Oreal Eyeshadow Quad. I applied the second shade from the top on the entire eyelid. This is the cool thing about it actually. Although it looks like a nude/ peachy shade, when you put it on, it has pink throughout it as well. It looks like I am wearing two different shades.


I have used the last shadow, this gorgeous coffee brown to shade in my outer corners.


I totally forgot about this lipstick but it’s one of my favourite NYX lipsticks period. Actually one of my favourite lipsticks period. It’s called Power and it’s a beautiful lilac purple shade.



3 thoughts on “FOTD – Longing for spring

  1. Wow ! I would never think of using the colour pink as an eyeshadow. But after seeing how it looks on you I think I might try it out ! Beautiful !


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