FOTD – Blue eyeshadow?

CYMERA_20150210_151453Does anyone even wear blue eyeshadow still?  I know I haven’t in years probably. Either way, this eyeshadow looks blue however it’s supposed to be a light aaqua shade. I love my BH Cosmetics palette and while a lot of the shadows are great others really aren’t, this being one of them. The colour is not true to itself.


Either way, I like the look.

The shadow is from the BH 88 Matte palette. I am wearing the aqua shade and then the grey in the crease. (marked with yellow arrows)

88 Matte Palette


Rimmel liquid eyeliner and L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara – best ever!

rimmel eyeliner


On my lips, I am wearing Essence lipstick in Nude Love.


I did prime my face with Elf Studio Mineral infused primer, which I really like because it adds a bit of healthy glow to your face and slight shimmer.


I am not wearing any blush today as my rosacea is acting up so no need to be any more rosey than I already am.


Nina xo

5 thoughts on “FOTD – Blue eyeshadow?

  1. That blue eyeshadow looks amazing on you ! Beautiful eyes ! And gotta buy that eyeliner you are wearing ! Looks great !

    1. So sweet of you. I’ve had many trials and tribuations with my hair. You just have to find the right products and right styling routine and do treatments.
      Thank you for nominating me! Xoxo


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