Birthday Make Up


Yesterday was my birthday – it doesn’t matter which one lol…. actually no, here we go, I am 33! I know I don’t look it and I also don’t feel like it and half the time don’t act like it either but yup 33 years YOUNG. So I wanted to do up my make up a little bit more than I normally would for a daytime look.


In my opinion, red lipstick best goes with a white and grey shadow combinations. Since this was a daytime look, I used matte finish shadows for both (although the white has a bit of shimmer at certain light angles) and did it very lightly. For a nighttime look, I would’ve used shimmery white and smoked out the grey a little more dramatically.


I used a white shadow from the Smashbox palette below. (2nd row, 1st)


The grey is Lhasa by NARS. Again, it’s a highly pigmented and very velvety textured shadow. You only need less than a touch on your brush.


On my lips I am wearing Polyvore which is a matte redΒ  from Forever 21. I love the lasting power of this lipstick as well as the intensity. The colour is vibrant and gorgeous. Actually, Forever 21 lipsticks are impressive!


InstaSize_2015_1 _ 5669

Nina xo

24 thoughts on “Birthday Make Up

  1. Happy birthday !!
    Your make up looks great ! N really love that lipstick color ! Never bought forever 21 lipstick before. After seeing how vibrant the color looks on you… Will def be visiting forever 21 soon to buy a lipstick !


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