Shiny vs Matte


Yes I know, my nails are so short!!!! I feel almost as if I don’t have fingers! I am blessed to have good strong nails that grow out healthy and long and don’t break easily but two broke and so I filed them all short because there is nothing uglier than different length nails. That and chipped polish! Anyhow. I have been into matte nails a lot lately.

I am wearing this gorgeous red by Sinful Colors in Timbleberry.

2015-02-04 14.02.06

There are matte nail polishes of course but there is also a clear matte top coat that can transform any one of your favorite  nail polishes into matte.

2015-02-04 14.03.28

So I normally paint my nails any colour I am in the mood for and then once semi-dry I apply the NYC Matte Top Coat and you only need one coat to achieve the matte look.

NYC Matte Me Crazy


2015-02-04 14.00.06

What do you prefer, shiny or matte nails?

Nina xo


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