Bronze/Gold tones look great on brown eyes yet I could never make them work for me, but I think I finally got the hang of it. I’ve been wearing this bronze eyeshadow a lot lately and playing around with different looks and I love the way it looks.


I’ve used L’Oreals Army Brat shadow compact to create this look by applying the bronze shadow on my top eyelid, pearly white in the inner corner and dark brown very lightly on the outer corner.



On my lips I am wearing NYX matte lip cream in Tokyo. I am not crazy about the texture of this lip cream. I’ve had this for a long time and I never wear it. I like the way it looks, I love the colour but it feels gross on the lips. I don’t know why they call it cream when there is nothing creamy about it! It feels satin like for the first few minutes and then it dries out and it’s downhill from there.



I love NYX products but this is no bueno for me.

On my cheeks I have MicroSmooth Baked Luminizer – Sephora collection in Star Dust.



Nina xo

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