One throw, 6 different ways to wear it!

2014-12-18 16.04.10

I am in love with this throw. It’s warm yet fashionable and you can wear it multiple ways. I purchased this from Dynamite a few years back and completely forgot about it. I just love finding things in my closet – the shopping itch goes away ….pk no it doesn’t but at least keeps me content for a few days.


The back part is about an inch below waistline and the two front parts are actually quite long so it allows for various wrapping styles.


Here is a closer look to two ways I wear it the most.

2015-01-22 14.14.07

2015-01-22 14.13.23

I am back to my go to hairstyle. My hair has been in the bun for a week now. I can’t be bothered with it. I feel like leaving my hair out takes so much work and preparation so tying it up in a bun just works. Do you guys feel like leaving your hair down is work and hassle ? Or is that just me….


Nina xo

4 thoughts on “One throw, 6 different ways to wear it!

  1. I feel like leaving mine down is less fuss but that’s because I like it’s natural texture… but there’s no arguing with how chic a bun is! Looks good. 🙂 the wrap is nice and versatile too.


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