Studded out – NOTD


I adore anything with studs and spikes. I do have to admit that although I love how nail decorations look, they do get annoying because they get caught in everything, especially my hair and fly off! But surprisingly these studs are holding on strong! I think it’s because they are not as raised, they are quite flat down on the nail.

CYMERA_20141206_144204The studs are from myย  Born Pretty online store order and if you’ve checked out those posts you can see all the great nail stuff I got, these studs being one of them.

I just dabbed a bit of nail glue all over my nail and with the dotting tool I applied each stud one by one and finished it with a clear top coat, to seal it. And no, it did not take long ๐Ÿ™‚ 5 mins!


Nina xo

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