Glowy cheeks and dark lips – FOTD


I love when my cheeks have a bit of glow to them, subtle dewey glow. It makes the skin look brighter and healthy and your whole face looks alive!


I actually only have about 4 products on my face:

1.VICHY dermablend foundation

2.On my cheeks to achieve the glow, I have applied MAC Warm Soul blush and Femme Couture Get Radiant Skin Enhancer. I got this from Sally’s Beauty Supply and totally forgot about it and used it only once. But I love it. It doesn’t really have colour but it just makes your cheeks glow!


On my lips, I am wearing one of my favourite fall/winter lipsticks, MAC’s Rebel. Oh sorry I lied I am wearing 5 products hehe as I did pair up the lipstick with a lip pencil, MAC’s Nightmoth. I wanted to achieve a darker lip and Rebel on its own is still quite bright on my lips so Nightmoth gives it that vampy look I wanted.




Ok I was totally off as I forgot to mention eyeliner and mascara.. ahh who is still counting? lol


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