NOTD and my new nail goodies!


I’ve recently got some nail stuff from Born Pretty Store. They have such amazing things for nail art/design and also jewelry and cosmetics. The only downside is that it took a bit over a month for me to get my things. I am not sure how it works anywhere else but it took that long to reach me here in Toronto.

2014-11-19 12.51.10

I didn’t order too much first time around as I wasn’t sure how the experience would be but I am quite happy and satisfied.


Here are the things I’ve got. Mainly nail related stuff but I did get some foundation brushes and eyebrow pencil, which I absolutely love.

DSC01242-2-1-1 I got these gold and silver nail studs, 3 different sizes. They are my favourite item I’ve ordered. I’ve used them first in my previous post with that great China Glaze green nail polish!

DSC01236-1These are some cute feathers as nail stickers. Haven’t used them yet but they looked really great in the pictures on their website so can’t wait to try.


2014-11-19 12.54.10These are the 3D stickers I have on in today’s NOTD. I thought I’ve ordered them in gold but I don’t mind them in silver. They are easy to apply and stay on quite well.


This is a stamping template but unfortunately I forgot to order a stamper but I can pick that up anywhere so I haven’t had a chance to use this yet either due to the fact I am missing a nail stamper but I love the little hearts and the snow flakes will be great to do at Christmas time.

2014-11-19 12.52.03These are just nail dotting tools with different size balls. Really needed these as I’ve only had one. These are great to pick up studs with and to do designs.

2014-11-19 12.54.59These are nail brushes for designs. I thought they were different sizes but to me they look the same. It’s fine they will get used!

2014-11-19 12.55.42 I normally use my fingers to apply foundation. It’s what’s most convenient for me but I need some good brushes and I am really satisfied with these. They work amazing. They apply the foundation evenly and blend it in perfect. There are no streaks or patches.

DSC01249-1 I was really unhappy when I saw this eyebrow pencil as it was in black and I’ve ordered it in medium brown. I normally fill in my brows with medium to darker brown shades but I gave it a try and I love it! My eyebrows are not really black but this a nice ashy black and it just works and looks a lot more natural than the browns I’ve been using. I love these kind of pencils that are angled as they are super easy to use.


I will definitely be ordering from them again. If you guys want to check it out and order as well here is a 10% off coupon NAN.

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