More make up looks on Marall (pt2)


My friend Marall has lent me her beautiful face again lol. I just have so much fun doing her make up. I still feel that I need a lot of practice when it comes to doing others make up so thank you Marall for letting me practice! Btw her matching sweater, my wall paper flower and Audrey Hepburn pic – totally unintentional lol


This time we went with purple tones. I think purple suits brown eyes so beautiful and bring them out so much.



We also did some simple cute twists on each side. I just love her hair! So curly, thick and healthy! I remember those days when mine was like that …pre bleach era lol  *sigh*


I have so much fun doing people’s make up. I just love it. And Marall is a great sport. She just lets me do whatever! I love doing my own make up obviously and I feel that I can still do it better on my own face but I’d like to get as good like that while doing others. I can’t wait to try more looks.




Thanks girl love you ❤


20 thoughts on “More make up looks on Marall (pt2)

  1. 🙂 Wow, your eye makeup looks stunning! I learnt at a Sisley cosmetics workshop a few weeks ago that purple is the color that suits ALL eye colors! You knew, didn’t you?! 🙂

      1. I read somewhere that hair changes its texture once every 7 years! Maybe there is still hope, drinking water helps so much for giving the hair vitality (though I must admit I drink way less than I should), Kisses

  2. May I jus start by saying that you’ve done an amazing job ! Yet again ! I love how you did my make up! Love everything about my look ! From the eyeshadow/foundation/lipstick that matches my top ! Don’t knke how you did the matching of the colors but you did my dear friend ! That’s what I call a talent n You have an amazing talent Nina 🙂 ! Told you before and I will say it again : I feel privileged n honoured of you doing my make up. Thank you for beautifying me 🙂 !

    Love you Nina

  3. You did a great job and the makeup is simply gorgeous. Of course it isn’t too hard to make a beauty look beautiful ^.^ It’s cool you have someone to practise on and I’m sure she is happy to be your model 🙂 Also you girls look so cute together, yayyy for friendships 🙂 xx

    1. Thank you! It’s funny you say that because my boyfriend was just teasing me and saying do your followers know that half of your eyebrow is not really yours lol I said yes it’s calling filling them in, every girl does it (almost) lol ahh men.
      This particular post, this is not me. This is my friend who I did make up on but I used the same thing on her brows as I do on my own.
      I use a few different things actually. I use ELF Eyebrow kit, and I use a crayon like pencil that I’ve ordered from Born Pretty Store online. I like it because it’s already angled and really easy to use and looks quite natural. I also use an eyebrow pencil from Essence, in dark brown.
      So nothing fancy. All the products are no more than $3. But they work great in my opinion!


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