Doing my girl’s make up!!!


Ok, first things first, my girl Marall is gorgeous as is (and has some of the most beautiful curls ever!!!! whole another topic:) So this is not a make over of any sort as she simply does not need one but we were just being girls and I wanted to do her make up which she was kind enough to let me! Lol I can do anything on my face but I don’t do other people’s make up and it’s nerve wrecking so we went with something simple and natural and I really love how it turned out so we will definitely be doing it again, something more bold next time!


Marall and I have been friends since we were 15!!! She is one of the first friends I made when I moved to Canada. I used to do my friends’ make up when we were younger and used to go clubbing but that was centuries ago! lol


For the first time doing her make up, I wanted to do a very natural look with plenty of nude and warm tones. I wanted to keep it simple and light and just accentuate her natural beauty.


I used:

L’Oreal true match foundation on her face followed by the Maybelline Dream Lumi Highlighting Concelear and Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder to contour.

I added only a touch of MAC’s Warm Soul to her cheek bones and completed the face by applying the Maybelline Face Studio Master Hi-Light lightly all over to give it a natural subtle glow.

On herΒ  eyes, I used a nude toned shadow from the NYX Dream Cather’s palette and on the outer corners blended the dark brown shadow from the Physician’s Forumal shimmering strips palette.


I did not eyeliner her eyes as I wanted to give a smudgy smokey look so I outlined her upper and lower lash line with a black shadow.


And of course, layers of mascara to make it pop!

On her lips, I used MAC’s Japanese Maple nude and NYX xtreme lip creame in Natural.


I can’t wait to do more looks and thank you Marall for lending me your face ahaha!!!




10 thoughts on “Doing my girl’s make up!!!

  1. I jus wanted to say I am honoured to be on your blog and to have the pleasure of you doing my make up girl ! I am still in awwwww :)) ! I can’t wait for you to try other looks on me ! Love everything about it from my eyes to my nude lips ! You did an amazing job !
    Cheers to another 15+ years my sister from another mother !

  2. Lol yes who ever thought :))! N Yep! We’ve come far πŸ™‚ !
    Love you too !
    N thanks for the sweet compliment Mammu!


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