Layer it up: ModCloth and NinaFashionLife


I have teamed up with ModCloth, an online e-retailer for clothing, accessories, home decor and so much more, to create a fashionable fall look with their great pieces. Fall is my favourite time of the year in terms of fashion, simply because in the summer it’s too hot so you wear as least as you possibly can and winter is too cold so every cute outfit you wear gets hidden underneath big heavy coats, so fall is perfect as you can layer it up and have everything showcased.


The look I went for, describes me to the fullest. I chose to keep the outfit, classy and sophisticated with the black and white pieces and then add some personality and chic-ness with the pop of red! Red is also classy with a sexy spin, and it’s a great colour for fall!


I chose these shiny black tights, because they add something different and stand out from underneath the oversized sweater and they also look flattering on the body.


For the top, I went with something quite simple but because the coat is patterned and you have red accessories, anything more than this would be too much!. The white tank top is appropriately long enough to wear with the leggings, and the crop sweater(click here to see more) keeps things fashionable.


crop top

To top off this layering, I added this amazing cardigan (click to see more) . It is warm and cozy looking but yet so modern and classic. I love the style and the cut of it and since all the other pieces are solid colour, the patterns really open up this entire ensemble.


I went with these amazing red booties and a matching red bag that’s simple but the bow adds a cute little spin on it.



The necklace is red as well which works perfect on the white tank top and crop top base and compliments each other perfectly. Red rose stud earrings complete everything.



Sunglasses are not only summertime accessories. I mean I wear sunglasses for a fashion statement as well. I love the shape of these and they even have a touch of red in it too.



What do you guys think of my selected pieces? Check them out here


Muah! Nina xoxo

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