Curly Hair Care: DevaCurl Products


I haven’t posted anything related to hair in a long while. Simply, because I found what works for my hair and I stopped experimenting with products like I used to because I just love Shea Moisture stuff. Also I am trying not to touch my hair as my curls came back and I am letting them be, for once. However, I have been hearing about DevaCurl for a while now and finally I found them in Toronto and I am so impressed!!!


I was always on a search for curly hair products. Even if I found something I liked, I would get bored and always wanted something new. But that’s not necessarily a good thing for your hair. When I discovered Shea Moisture products a few years ago I fell in love. My hair loves that stuff and I don’t think I found one curly hair person who had anything bad to say about Shea Moisture. That stuff is AMAZING!

However, Shea Moisture is really expensive here in Toronto. A relatively small bottle of shampoo like the one here is $24.99 and after I made a trip to Ulta in Buffalo I was pissed when I saw that it was half the price there.

coco shamp

So I found DevaCurl at my local beauty supply store where I go to at least once a week and never knew they had it ! I was so happy.


But the prices…. DAMN! I thought Shea Moisture was expensive. This stuff is insane. A bottle of shampoo was $34. They had some products in travel size and that was $10!!!

So I got:

DevaCurl No Poo Cleanser – which is a non-lathering, sulfate free cleanser, basically a shampoo alternative

DevaCurl AnGEL – which is a light defining gel

DevaCurl – Set Up & Above – styling product


Basically, I LOVE all three. I am so impressed with how amazing these products are.


DevaCurl No Poo Cleanser


First of all, if you have curly hair, you should be up on your curly lingo – no poo means no shampoo. When you have curly hair you should keep the washing with a shampoo to a minimum, you should co-wash (wash with conditioner) mainly. This is a great alternative to a regular shampoo.

This stuff smells so good, exactly like baby powder but better. And who doesn’t like the smell of baby powder?

After the very first time I used this, my curls became alive! They were so bouncy and shiny and more curly than ever. I couldn’t believe it.

My hair also felt very clean but still soft and moisturized.

DevaCurl AnGEL


I stay away from all gels. I prefer to use cream based products on my hair. I don’t like the crunchy stiff feeling that gel leaves your hair with and it is also very drying because most contain alcohol. However, this gel is different. It’s very light and I use it at the end when I apply my leave in conditioner and the styling product I use, I apply the gel to give it an extra hold and extra boost.

This stuff did just that. It defined my curls even more so. It did not weigh them down at all.

One thing, it did leave my curls tiny bit dry the second day.

DevaCurl Set Up and Above


This is my new favourite styling products. The texture looks waxy, like a pomade but it is total opposite. It is not sticky or heavy like wax. It’s a thinner texture.


You only need tiny bit. I flip my head upside down and scrunch all throughout. It did wonders. Curls were defined and separated, shiny and just luscious.


These things are very expensive but very much worth it. I am hoping that they cost less in the US and I am planning to make a trip in the near future and stock up.



Have you guys tried any Deva Curl products? If so, which ones and what are your thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Curly Hair Care: DevaCurl Products

      1. true! wish it wasnt soo expensive. they have actual salons here in jersey and new york who uses these products but i hear they can be expensive also. love these hair reviews! keep us updated.

      2. Oh that’s so cool. I just discovered this place here in Toronto called Curl Bar where they use these products. I want to get a hair cut just to see what it’s all about lol

  1. I’ve heard so much about this. I wanted to visit a salon in NY but didn’t have the chance! Hoping to when I go back! I’m glad you’ve tried this and reviewed it! Great job hun! xoxo

    1. Thanks girl!
      Yes I really love the stuff. It did not disappoint one bit and I was like ok I better like everything I buy cuz it’s so expensive so I want to get my money’s worth lol
      Because I hate when I buy something pricey and it’s crap!


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