Another black and white OOTD


I guess this is becoming a trend with me lately and it’ s not on purpose either. Before you wouldn’t catch me wearing black or white, it was all about colour and more colour. I still love colour but I have embraced the simple yet elegant look that black and white tones bring. With that being said I absolutely love pepita pattern, like my pants are here.


I love this type of pants, I refer to them as dressy jogging pants hehe.. They are loose where they need to be and tight in all the right places. I have them in all colours and patterns.


Pants: Winners
Shirt: Forever 21
Blazer: Urban Planet
Shoes: Winners


I am sure by now you have figured that I love shopping at Winners. For those of you who may not be familiar, Winners is a department store, designer and not designer items for less, so something like Ross, Marshall’s, etc but a Canadian version. I love it. Some people don’t have the patience to go through the many things to find some they like but to me it’s therapeutic! I love shopping period and I love deals even more!

Muah to all you beautiful people! Nina xoxo

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