Bridal Beauty


Today I bring you this post with, which is an on-line shop for ALL things wedding/bridal related! For most women, their wedding day is one of the most important days in their whole life and we want to look the most beautiful, meaning the perfect dress, hair and make up. Although I am not married and never have been, and to be totally honest, I have never been one of those girls that imagined what my wedding would be like, not even what kind of dress I would like to wear, looking through these gorgeous gowns made me see exactly what my look would be.


Here are two wedding gowns I chose, and they are very different from each other. One is very flowy and modern and the other is a classic and more traditional look.
Being that they are so different, different make up looks would compliment them too and this is what I envision.


Please keep in mind, although I am a very pro drug store cosmetics kinda girl,  I chose high end cosmetics for both of these looks because on your wedding day you want to ensure that your make up lasts as long as possible and stays intact.


Since I would love to get married on a beach and have more of a relaxed, laid back atmosphere, this would be my first choice. This gown is just gorgeous. It’s very light and fresh looking while still maintaining a true bridal gown look. With this style of bridal gown, I would choose to accentuate eyes more so, with a very shiny lipgloss and glowing cheeks!


CYMERA_20141021_140206 I would use this gorgeous MAC smokey eye palette in Medley of Mauves to create a daytime smokey eye and a few layers of mascara. Mac’s Warm Soul blush is perfect for this as well because it is a blush and a bronzer all in one, it gives a gorgeous bronzy glow and NARS’ Turkish Delight lipgloss is the perfect for the shiny eye catching pout.


This next gown, is a classic and more of a formal look, nevertheless, still beautiful as well. I would do my make up in a classy and more traditional way to compliment it. I would keep the eyes very defined but not play up with too many eyeshadows but some gold or glitter look and accentuate the lips instead, with a bold colour.



MAC’s Blonde Gold eyeshadow is such a festive and fancy glittery eyedust that’s perfect for a wedding. It suits any eye colour and makes them pop. I would apply this with some thick winged liquid liner and false lashes. That would be it for eyes! I would keep my cheeks neutral with this Bobbi Brown peach nude blush and since the eyeshadow is really glittery, this matte blush would balance the look perfect.
This gorgeous YSL red lipstick in Danger is great to complete this look and it’s a classic red that you cannot go wrong with!


This was a fun post and I really enjoyed doing it. Let me know your thoughts lovlies!



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