There is just something about red lips!


There really is! It takes confidence to wear red lipstick but at the same time, once you put it on, it automatically gives you confidence and almost this slight cockiness too! Those who wear red lipstick know exactly what I mean and those who don’t may, be a little intimidated but all you need to do is find your shade and go for it, you will see the difference it will make!


Yes I know I am talking about lipstick, but it’s amazing what make up and colour can do for a woman. Red lipstick, red heels, red car, (red hair for me hehe) it really does something to a woman, it makes you feel sexy and feminine.


I also like to keep my eyes either bare or with a good thick liquid eyeliner when I am wearing red lips. You really don’t need anything else with red lips, except for a bit of blush or bronzer. Here I am wearing MAC’s Warm Soul.


The red lipstick I am wearing today is by BH Cosmetics Berry Bite. It’s such a beautiful red. Some red lipsticks feel really heavy on your lips I feel and this feels as if you don’t have anything on! It stays on for a really long time and it has no scent or taste. It is extremely creamy and moisturizing. I love BH Cosmetics lipsticks.




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