My experience with Breast Cancer -October is Breast Cancer Awareness month


Do you self examine your tetas, chichis, boobies, breasts, whatever you call them, regularly? You should! Breast Cancer is very close to my heart and I am very passionate about this and I try to do all I can to support Breast Cancer research and any related events, such as the annual Toronto Run for Cure. My grandma who was my entire world had breast cancer and although she has passed away, she actually beat breast cancer and went on to live many years after that.


Seeing my grandma, the strongest, bravest woman I have ever known scared, traumatized me. I will never forget when I heard her randomly pray at night. At first I thought she was talking to her self as she was not a religious woman but then I realized she was praying so I knew something was wrong. She told me she discovered a lump in her breast and not to tell my mom as she did not want her to worry. I told her I would keep any secret but I couldn’t this one. After just a physical exam, the doctor was almost certain that it was a malignant lump and the tests only confirmed it.


My grandma had a mastectomy and radiation and she fully recovered. However, the fear I saw in her eyes when she laid on the table , haunts me to this day. I will never forget her looking at me through the door as it was closing, almost like pleading me to help her. I can’t explain it. That image will forever be in my mind.


I lived with my grandma back in my country. She was my best friend, my all. She never treated me like a kid, she treated me like an equal and took me everywhere. We traveled together, we had so much fun. Although my parents lived down the street, I lived with her, as I could not even imagine being anywhere else. This may be weird to some but I could be apart from my parents and my brother but not her. She was not your average granny. She was always done up, hair, nails, lipstick on, she was the coolest grandma ever. She was very educated and ran her own business. She taught me everything I know!


On her second passing anniversary I tattooed her name on my body along with the breast cancer ribbon. Her name is Nada and in Croatian that means hope. It suits her perfectly. But it also suits the breast cancer cause there is hope for a cure and there is a hope that once you are diagnosed that it doesn’t have to be a death sentence! You can beat it!

No one else in our family had any type of cancer before. She was the first. The type of breast cancer she had is not genetic it is something that doctors say could’ve been effects of the war and also old age.


Check your breasts please, self examine. It’s better to find something in time. We cannot be lazy with our health.


Nina xo

5 thoughts on “My experience with Breast Cancer -October is Breast Cancer Awareness month

  1. I can kind of relate. My Paternal Grandmother had breast cancer but it spread throughout her body and I was very young still when she passed away. I wish she was still around so that she could see us her grandchildren grow up. 😦 I cherish all the memories I do have as I am sure you do as well. ❤ xo

    1. Thank you for sharing your story with me.
      It’s never easy whether you’re young or older when you watch someone you love battle a disease. I was about 19 so I remember everything quite well.
      Im sorry about your grandma. I’m sending lots of hugs your way.

      1. Thank you so much! It never is easy and I feel like it’s very important to spread awareness about it, especially this month being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I am so sorry about your loss as well. Sending lots of hugs back your way!! ❤ xoxo


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