Are you obsessed with nail art as much as I am?


Whether it’s a hobby or obsession lol I am heavily into nail polishes, nail art, nail designs, etc. I love changing my nails pretty much every day and my brother’s girlfriend only fed into this obsession by giving me this website where you can order EVERYTHING nail related your heart desires!


Her friend ordered things from here before and was pleased so her and I ordered as well. I went totally nuts. I mean, the site is slightly overwhelming, because there are just that many things to see but the best part is it is DIRT CHEAP and SHIPPING AND HANDLING IS FREE!!!!


I’ve ordered nail strips, nail studs, nail diamonds, nail stamps, nail dotting tools and brushes, even some liquid foundation brushes too !


I will definitely blog about my products once I receive them – I cannot wait! but here are some pictures of what I’ve ordered and if you guys would like to check it out feel free to click on the text below!



<a href=”; target=”_blank”>20% OFF Nail Rhinestones</a>



<a href=”; target=”_blank”>BornPrettyStore Nail Art Studs</a>



<a href=”; target=”_blank”>BornPrettyStore Nail Dangles</a>


Let me know what you guys think and if you order any!

The website is Bornprettystore

Nina xo

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