My mini beauty haul – very excited!


I’ve had a really bad migraine for the past 2 days. I was getting really frustrated as nothing was helping. I finally started to feel a little better so I decided to go for a walk and ended up at Shoppers (Toronto drug store) and $250 dollars later I think my migraine went away! haha I am excited to share with you what I’ve got, so let’s get to it!!!


1. Organix Coconut milk hibiscus body lotion and Softsoap Body Butter Coconut cream Body Wash

I really like Organix products. This body lotion is great. It smells divine. It’s like coconut with a touch of floral. It’s not overbearing either. It’s very moisturizing and leaves your skin super hydrated.

The body wash by Softsoap also smells heavenly. I am sure you see the pattern here with coconut scents. I am obsessed with anything coconut.

DSC00648 2. Pink Sugar perfume

I know this perfume is old news and everyone has it. I always wanted to get it but wasn’t sure if it would give me migraines because it is just soooo damn sweet smelling. I like sweet scents but this is on another level. So I sprayed it on my wrist and did not like it but after being at the drug store for an hour after the initial scent went away, I really loved how it smelled. That burnt sugar smell was gone and a really nice sweet scent lingered. It was also on sale for $20 so I figured if it does start to give me a migraine, I can always give it to a friend.

I also love the packaging. I am a sucker for nice packaging.

DSC006493. Chanel Chance Hair Mist

Ok, so I did not even know that such things exist. Hair mist? What in the hell? I can’t see myself spraying any kind of perfume in my hair. With all the oils, curl lotions and creams I have in my hair, it already smells over the top.

Chanel Chance , but this pink one in particular is one of my favourite perfumes. I was not planning to spend ton of money so the lady in the beauty section told me that even though this is a hair mist you can use it as regular perfume, it just has a lighter smell. So I figured ok, it’s cheaper , it smells the same just a bit lighter, why not. Well she lied! lol

It does not smell anything like the real perfume at all. I was so disappointed! I am not saying it smells bad, because it does not. It smells light and fresh and very pleasant. But it’s nothing like the perfume. So I figured I can use it anyway since it does smell nice. However, you can’t even smell the damn thing. It does not even last for 2 mins. So here I was trying to save a buck and it was a total waste. And now I really want the perfume lol


DSC006504. Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush (Intense colour balm)

I have never tried the ones by Rimmel. I have a bunch by Revlon , the kissable ones. But I love these crayon lipsticks, as I call them. This one by Rimmel is called Gimme a Cuddle and it’s a really pretty pink shade. It’s creamy and moisturizing on the lips and it’s quite long lasting too.


5. Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder – Shade 92 in Honey Beige

So I bought this with an intention to use it for my contouring. I needed a darker and more matte powder than what I have been using. And honestly, I just wanted to try something different. I am quite pleased. It kind of has a dirty muddy look at first but it works on my skin for the purpose I wanted it. You only need a touch of this on your brush because it is very very pigmented. The swatch on my hand below is from swiping my finger over the product once!


6. Rimmel Match Perfection Blush in Medium/Dark Skin

So obviously that is not for my complexion, as I am quite pale lately. No sun this summer, no vacation šŸ˜¦ and I don’t fake tan. But I bought this with an intention of again using it for contouring in case the Maybelline Powder did not work. I really like it as well. There were no testers for any of this so I was just buying it blindly. The colours are really pretty and blending them all together gives a really nice rosy caramel shade that you can use for contouring or a blush!



7. Essence Dark Romance cream highlighter

I love Essence as I am sure you’ve noticed if you read my blog regularly. But honestly, their products are a hit or miss and this is a hit for me. This may be a special edition actually, if I remember seeing it correctly at the store. It’s a really subtle highlighter but noticeable enough. I think it’s great for daytime as it does not make you shine like a disco ball. It’s a pearly shade more towards a pink. The swatch below is exactly it.

DSC00679DSC006818. Essence Nail tattoo pen

I already mentioned this in my recent NOTD post. I love this little pen. It’s so easy to use, you have more control over it than a thin brush nail polish. I did not see them in any other colours but black but I hope they’ll come out with more.


DSC006829. Vaseline Lip Therapy cocoa butter

I am addicted to these. Again, sucker for packaging. How cute is this little container? Lol.. but I apply this to my lips every night before bed. As we head into winter, I carry this with me religiously.

DSC0068410. Elf Eyebrow Kit

I actually did not get this on the same trip nor at Shoppers Drug Mart but I did get it a few days prior at Target. I really like it. My eyebrows are in between these two colours so I mix both to get my shade. The darker brown is a gel and the lighter shade is a powder. I do find that the lighter shade is more pigmented than the gel. I have to dip the brush quite a few times to get any product on it. I don’t think it’s the brush either. I actually like this little brush, it’s quite easy to use.

I don’t think I would re-purchase this, even though I like it but I have a feeling it’ll last quite a long time anyway.


Ā 11. Elf Mineral Face Primer in Radiant Glow

These primers come in Clear, Tone Adjusting, Brightening Lavender and Radiant Glow. I understand that to those that live in the U.S. , elf cosmetics is not a big deal and they are easily accessible. That’s far from being the case in Toronto, Canada so when I found quite a few items at Target, I was quite excited, as was my friend (Marall, if you’re reading this šŸ™‚

This primer is just ok for me. I find it quite oily actually and it has glitter particles in it as you can see on the swatch below. The glitter does go away after some time but I feel the glow does as well.




I have used all of these make up products in the past few days so I will be sharing some make up looks with you soon! I liked most of what I purchased and I always playing with new cosmetics! My vanity is a hot mess right now and I realize how small it is. I need to stop purchasing make up until I buy a new vanity lol.


Ahh problems right?


Muah! Nina xo


17 thoughts on “My mini beauty haul – very excited!

  1. Jus read your blog šŸ™‚ n Wow Nina! You went all out at the drugstore ! Lol
    You are right ! We were excited to see elf products ! Lol We def gotta go back and purchase elf products at target !

      1. I’ve tried the coconut shampoo & conditioner so i know what this would smell like ugh <3SO EFFING DELICIOUS

  2. Hey šŸ™‚ I just nominated you for an award click here to find out more - Love your blog by the way keep it up :).

    1. Thanks!
      I’ve tried their shampoos as well and although the smell was amazing, it didn’t do anything for my hair:(
      The essence nail pen is great. You should definitely give it a try.

  3. nice haul.. you got some good goodies there! the vaseline cocoa butter is the bomb! i love it! and i am gonna have to try that organix lotion because i love coconut scents also.


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