How to prevent bed head


I know that I definitely go through this, having curly hair especially. No matter how pretty my hair looks the night before, unless I apply a few of the tips I’ll share here with you guys, I will wake up with a full on lion’s mane or flat curls. And let’s face it, neither one is cute.

I normally wash my hair at night and style it to have it ready for next day. Those nights I normally have pretty bad sleep as I tend to hold my neck up in the air, not to mess up my hair haha. Crazy, I know!

But here are some things that I have come to realize, either through trial and error or tips I have collected from others, that help with bed head.

1. Satin / Silk Pillowcase

This is good for a few reasons. It prevents breakage and frizz as the hair does not rub against it but rather ‘slides’. This really helps me not to have flat curls the next morning.

pcsIf you don’t have such pillowcases, a silky scarf will do the job as well. Gather your hair together and wrap it up or spread the scarf over your pillow!

2. Loose Bun

I would say this is my close second choice. I tie my hair up in a lose bun, so I don’t get a headache sleeping with tied hair and also so I don’t have hair tie marks. Keeps your hair neat and all in one place so all you need to do in the morning is let it out and spray some mist to refresh it.

3. Use conditioner and detangler

When you wash your hair and especially if you do it at night like I do, make sure you apply detangler or a really good conditioner. It will prevent your hair from being knotted and matted.

4. Make sure your hair is completely dry before going to bed

I normally diffuse my hair and it takes a really long time, since you can’t rush when you diffuse, or you’ll end up with a frizz ball. So sometimes I would get tired and annoyed and stop when my hair was mostly dry but still damp in certain spots. This would result in really bad hair day the next day. So make sure your hair is dry completely before going to bed.

These are all the things I have tried myself and do on the regular basis to prevent bad hair days. Most times it actually works but of course your hair does what it wants to do on many occasions, especially curly hair. And all these tips are not just for those with curls, this can apply to anyone.


I would love to hear some of the tips you guys have for preventing bed head. Do share!



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