My chunky necklace collection


Well I should say that this is not my entire collection by any means but these are the  some that I happen to wear most frequent. I love chunky jewelry. I love heavy looking, fancy, bright, glittery, you get the point. Jewelry can make or break the entire outfit, especially big chunky pieces so you do have to know how to pair it up … so to say.


This is my latest purchase. It’s from Urban Behaviour and I love it. I love all the bright funky colours together and I haven’t had a chance to actually wear it yet but with an all white or all black outfit, as well as jeans and a plan tee, this would really make the outfit.


This thick gold choker is a set actually, it has matching square stud earrings. I love this piece right here. It looks really classy and sexy with a nice black office dress. This I got from my mama actually and I think she picked it up from Talbots believe it or not. Who knew they had such modern jewelry pieces?


The next two I would say I wear the most often. Both are from Urban Behaviour and came with matching bracelets. One is a Lion head, I suppose you can say it’s the Versace Medusa head idea and the other one is a cheetah.




I guess you could tell I really love gold (yellow)  jewelry and all the ones so far were not real gold but this necklace right here is white gold and it is real and was a gift from my boo lol . This is a beautiful sophisticated piece. It is on the fancier side and I love it.


The last one right here is also a choker style. I guess it’s not exactly a chunky necklace but the round pendants on the thin chain part look really pretty. This is also from my mom and I don’t know where she got it from unfortunately.


So there you have it. I do wear small and thin necklaces but I feel like my outfit is not complete if I don’t have a big chunky chain on… so most of the time you’ll see me rockin one of these!



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