LOTD – all black everything


It’s really nippy today in Toronto. It definitely feels like fall. I wish I had my vest too but anyway.. back in the day you would never catch me in all black. I needed some colour or I wouldn’t feel complete without it. I have since  um grown? lol and an all black ensemble looks really classy, sophisticated and fly.


I am wearing BCBG black leggings with gold zippers.

My top is from Marshalls and it’s actually really neat. Front and back has some pattern all throughout and sleeves are almost like silk. I tried to capture it but I don’t think it really comes across as so. It’s also slightly longer in the back than the front. Best thing it was only $16.99

My shoes are from Ardene. Is that only in Canada? Sorry, I have no idea.  It’s an oxford type of shoe and they are so soft and super comfortable. I really like them.

My bag is from Just Fab, black with gold accents.

So there you have it for my outfit.


I wanted to do a light but fresh fall make up look. I felt my outfit being all black was a bit heavy so wearing heavy make up would be too much for a daytime (and work) look.

2014-09-11 12.54.102014-09-11 12.49.51

I used my BH Cosmetics 88 Matte palette, where I applied an egg shell colour all over my eyelids and a very light bronze colour in my crease.
On my lips, I am wearing Revlon Sky Pink Matte lipstick. I’ve had this lipstick for a few years but it got lost in my collection somewhere. It’s a really pretty nude baby pink colour and it feels pretty creamy on the lips. One thing is , it doesn’t last very long.

I am wearing my Vichy Dermablend foundation and that won’t change since my foundation options are limited due to my rosacea. On my cheeks I applied Essence Matte Bronzing Powder for brunettes. It is a bit dark for my complexion but it’s great to contour with and I apply it very lightly.

Here are all the products I mentioned.


7 thoughts on “LOTD – all black everything

  1. I don’t know what it is but you look so freaking cute in this outfit!!!! It just looks so good on you and I love the last picture – absolutely gorgeous love!


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