(Almost) Bare face Monday

2014-09-06 11.03.53

Lately, I have been wearing barely any make up and I am not sure why because everyone that knows me knows I love to get dolled up and that eyeliner is my life! But I am going through yet another phase. I keep everything to a minimum such as this look with some mascara, a bit of highlighter and bronzer and some lipgloss.


You wouldn’t catch me out of the house without an eyeliner, simply because I feel I look sick and dead without it but lately I could care less. Also, a bit of highlighter in all the right places helps.

I am not insecure by any means and I don’t hide behind make up but it’s just become my habit to do my full face when I am leaving the house.


I am wearing L’oreal telescopic mascara and Maybelline Color Whisper Coral Ambition lipstick.
I also have the Maybelline Illuminating concelear ‘Dream Lumi’ which I use as a highlighter.


13 thoughts on “(Almost) Bare face Monday

  1. I don’t think Iùve ever seen you with a no-makeup makeup or without eyeliner, girl you look amazing!!!! And orange looks great on you! Huuuuuuugggssss


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