Flashback Fridays – Many faces of Nina (part one)

CYMERA_20140829_163552I decided to do this post because recently I was looking through my old email for something and came across all these pictures of myself throughout the years, of my many hairstyles, hair colours, looks and outfits and wanted to share it with you guys. So this part one is my hair/make up looks.

It’s actually a little funny looking at these pictures. Some I like and others, probably most I am thinking what the helllll was I thinking?????

Let’s get started.

This first one is as natural as  you’ll see me,  my natural curls, but not my natural hair colour and you probably won’t see that here either because I left that behind 14 years ago. I miss my tan 😦


This one right here…. damn.. I was so stuck on chopping my hair off into a bob and my mom would say it wont look good on you. You have curly hair and you’ll have to straighten it always.. and that was the case. My bob in my curly state looked terrible. I didn’t mind the bob.. I even went shorter but wouldn’t do it again.

DSCN2079Yes, extreme! This was probably the brightest I’ve ever had my red. I had to get bangs because I fried the front of my hair so bad it was breaking off anyway lol


Hey some of these even have dates on them so you can see … for example the one here 2009… damn.. seems like centuries ago. I was 27 right here. This is another version of red. A little more subtle.



Well this next ugly hair colour I definitely did not do by choice. I went blonde.. or tried and two days later my hair started turning green and orange… This looked like poo.


2014-08-29 16.31.43

Here are some more bangs.

2014-08-29 16.33.57

I actually miss my long black hair. I love this length and it is what I am trying to get back to.



And one more… nothing better than a great blow out style…if one thing I wish I could do is blow dry my hair and wave the ends pretty like this. But I cannot so this was done by my hair dresser.



9 thoughts on “Flashback Fridays – Many faces of Nina (part one)

  1. Sooooo missy where should I start? I love the hairdresser blowout style, you look like a sexy latina there! 😛 And I also really like the two long black hairstyles with straight bangs and straightened hair with side bangs 🙂 Oh oh and the subtle red looks just gorgeous!!! Sending hugs and kisses babe ❤

  2. I love bangs on you! Just saying and the red really is you! But I love the last one too. You’re always looking hot!!!

  3. I love the bright right and the bangs!! I also like your natural curl with the black. You are versatile you can pull off all kinds of looks! 🙂


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