NOTD – Can’t ever have enough of polka dots

2014-08-28 09.22.04I love nail designs with polka dots. It will always be in style and always look trendy and nice. Here is a quick and easy design I’ve seen on a girls youtube channel and shame on me but I don’t remember who or I would’ve linked it here as she has some really nice nail art. I’ll try to look for my next post because I love her channel πŸ™‚

Screenshot_2014-08-28-09-23-40-1I just used two nail polishes. I chose black and baby pink, but you can really use any colour that has a good contrast.

For the dots I used my nail stick but you can even do it with a toothpick.. really… it works…

2014-08-28 09.25.57Nina xo

9 thoughts on “NOTD – Can’t ever have enough of polka dots

  1. my favorite polishes are from walgreens they are called sinful colors love there different colors and they are inexpensive. i also love opi and china glaze as well..

    1. Oh yes I know about sinful . I discovered them recently, in the past few months. And they are also cheap here in Toronto about 2.99 and they have some really beautiful colours and they are not bad quality either. I have only 2 but I saw at a local drug store they brought out some new colours so I’ll be picking up a few more.

      1. hi nina,
        Its been ages since I last blogged….had a baby girl and i am enjoying being a between sizes right now but a post will be coming soon…keep posting i love yours style and creativity


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