Beauty Mistakes and how to fix them

ggYou know I love sharing these kind of posts and tips with you guys. Some of these I have known for a while so I want to pass on the info and others are newly learned myself as well that I happen to come across while reading the many beauty articles! So here are 8 common beauty mistakes that we make and may not even know and how to fix it.

1. Using conditioner all over your hair


Top of your hair/roots is new hair growth, it’s healthy and pure so no need to apply conditioner there as much. A lot of us may apply conditioner from your roots and then down… wrong!

Apply the conditioner from your ear down to the roots, and really saturate it into your ends. You will get volume that way and your hair won’t get oily and you won’t have to wash it as often. Plus, your ends will be really hydrated.

2. Applying Foundation without allowing moisturizer to dry first


If you apply your foundation right after your moisturizer, it may look blotchy and uneven and you are also thinning it out, therefore it won’t last as long.

Wait 60 secs for the moisturizer to get fully absorbed or if you are short on time, lightly blot your face, then apply foundation.

3. Spraying on perfume after getting dressed


I actually did not know this and I do this. I spray my perfume all over my clothing lol
Well, apparently that’s a no no because the clothing fibres can make the perfume smell unpleasant. I actually noticed this but I thought the perfume was going bad ! lol

Spray perfume before putting on your clothes on your: knees, wrists, base of your throat and behind earlobes.
Do not rub your wrists as it breaks down the perfume molecules!

4. Plucking eyebrows too close to the mirror


I also used to do this! I wanted to make sure I got every little hair! Well, that’s the problem. You concentrate more on every little hair rather than the entire eyebrow. This results in thin or uneven brows.

Step a few steps back and look at your entire face and then start plucking. You may miss hair or two but better that than crooked brows!

5. Neglecting your neck


When you are applying moisturizer or sunscreen, don’t stop at your chin. The skin on your neck is thinner and more sensitive and needs the attention as well. Make sure you apply sunscreen on your neck as well.

These are just some I picked from the article I read and added my two cents to them as well.

For more detailed info and to read all of them check this out

Common Beauty Mistakes



9 thoughts on “Beauty Mistakes and how to fix them

  1. I’m quilty in couple of these like neglecting my neck and spraying on my perfume after getting dressed and then sometimes I end up changing my clothes…:D I used to apply conditioner all over my hair but fortunately I’m not doing that anymore! πŸ™‚ Xx


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