2014-08-25 13.06.39Here is a subtle make up look, work (office) appropriate. I’ve paired up two eye shadow colours that I never thought they would go together, silver/grey and brown… but it worked.

2014-08-25 13.02.49I am wearing a shimmery grey eyeshadow that I’ve applied all over my eyelid and on the outer corners I have a matte dark chocolate brown which I’ve shaded inward toward the middle of my eye. I blended the two colours in the middle so that it wasn’t so defined.

Along my lower lash line, I applied darker grey shadow. Of course, black liquid eyeliner and black mascara.

The dark brown shadow is from my BH Cosmetics 88 eyeshadow palette and the greys are from the Hard Candy palette. The ones I’ve used I’ve marked here for you guys.

bh-cosmetics-88-matte-palette_03February 13 2013 052

On my lips I am wearing a nude lipstick by Essence. Actually, I just discovered a new line of Essence lipstick at a local drug store. I’ve never seen them around before and they’ve had some really nice colours and I was all over that!


I really love Essence cosmetics but I must say although the colours are great of these lipsticks, they last all of 5 minutes and the pigmentation at least of the nude one is not the greatest, which is strange because they are called Long Lasting Lipsticks and claim to last several hours without drying out…. totally wasn’t the case for me.

 I don’t know about the other shades as I’ve only purchased the nude. This one is called Nude Love.

Lippenstift-nudeHowever, they had some nice pinks so I am willing to go back and get a few and give it a try. Then I will perhaps do a product review as this seems to be turning into one and it was not intended to be lol

2014-08-25 13.09.53Nina xo


6 thoughts on “FOTD

    1. Heyyyy !!! good to see you on here hun! Miss your posts and your lovely face:)
      Yes it is getting longer finally! Thanks for noticing. I have been using castor oil hardcore so I guess it’s working.
      Thank you!!!


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