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I am all for expressing yourself and being creative, and I love pretty , fancy and decorated nails but there are some things that are just a major “hell no” and here are my top 6.

1. Acrylic nails

Photo1492 (2)

I am talking about the loooooong, square shaped acrylics.
Not only are they impractical , you can’t pick up anything, type on the phone or zip up your own pants, but they just absolutely hideous.
Yes, back in the early 90s these were the popular nail fashion (think Coco…SWV lol) but even then I wasn’t a fan but now especially I cringe when I see girls rock these.


2. Overload of nail art


I love decorating my nails. However, sometimes less is truly more. A nice design on one or two nails is fashion forward and can be classy but having glitter, rhinestones, patterns, flowers on every single nail is just tacky as hell. One or two and then keep it moving.

3. Long or fake toe nails


Ok.. This one is probably my most hated trend. Can you even call this a trend? This is just disgusting. Toe nails are not meant to be grown out. You should keep them short, neat and clean. But fake toe nails??? Omg.. I can’t even talk about this anymore.

4. Fingernails different length

When one of my nails breaks, that’s it, they are all getting filed down to that size. Your nails should be the same length, across all 10 fingers. There is no reason why one should be long, next one short, third one crooked… They should all be even.

5. Nails not taken care of at all


Chipped nail polish, chewed out nails, etc are not acceptable. I understand not everyone likes nail polish but in this case, keep them filed, neat, clean and would it kill you to put a coat of clear polish on?
Chipped nail polish makes a woman look dirty and like she does not take care of herself. I have literally been late for work because my nail chipped as I was getting ready and I stayed behind to paint it.

6. French mani/pedi


Ok this is just outdated. Gone. Done. RETIRED. It used to be classy once upon a time but now it’s just ridicilous. Retire this. Maaaybe you can get away with it on your fingernails but toes definitely not.

It just looks as if your toe nails are really long and need to be clipped.


Anyway I’ve got all these photos from Google.. so please don’t hate me or sue me! lolol but hey you put it out there!

16 thoughts on “Tackiest nail trends

  1. i should bow my head in shame – my nails are all uneven, i just chipped one a few minutes ago and was like wow – i need to really get a manicure done.
    Guess i will go and file and and paint my toenails once i’m done work πŸ˜‰

  2. Anything toe related is a no for me, but the fake toenails make me want to throw up. I also hate the giant toy things people are sticking to their acrylics. WTF, how does that not get caught in your hair when you shower?

    1. Exactly! I wanna barf seeing that. I did have a bow on my nail some time ago and also a few other decorations but they last literally a day if even that. Dishes, cooking, cleaning and it’s gone.

      1. Right?!?
        It’s all I can do to keep a holo star on my nails, they sit up just enough to scratch me and piss me off.

        I love watching girls with those claws on YouTube, they look like at any moment they could stab themselves in the eye.

      2. Lol I just think damn she must be one of the lucky ones who doesn’t do any house work lol
        Yes I like how one or two of those decorations look but they irritate me. Even the little stickers. Anything raised I guess I start picking at it

  3. This post made me laugh so hard Nina. I totally deslike extra long + squared nails Lol not the uneven nails must be a bad biting problem lol…

    1. I’m glad you liked it lol yeah I don’t know how girls function with those real long fake nails. And as for the uneven nails. I think it’s more like if one nail breaks you just leave it and then another one breaks you don’t file it, you just leave it as is while the others are in tact lol

  4. Are you serious about a French pedi? You can NEVER go wrong with a French mani/pedi! It’s always been super popular & classy. I think you’re just being a little dramatic on that one but to each their own I suppose

    1. This is clearly a matter of personal preference and opinion and since this being MY blog that would be MY opinion. So, while you may believe that you can NEVER go wrong with it, I think that it is all sorts of wrong. Yes, it has always been POPULAR but we have come a long way since and it is simply just NOT popular anymore. So, thank you for your comment. OH yes I am quite dramatic and I love it πŸ™‚ have a great day!


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