I’m dark again – hair colour change ( and a bit of FOTD)

2014-07-30 15.25.10

So I did it again. I did what I said I wouldn’t do lol. I said I will not touch my hair and I will leave my bright red hair as is but I couldn’t do it. I am sure in a few weeks I will be sad again and want my red back but for now I am happy .

My hair changes are not something I put a lot of thought into and I should. You should! If you are anything like me. Hair is one of the most important things about a woman. I abuse mine way too much but that’s because I get very bored and I don’t like to look plain.

I love black hair, when it’s freshly done. It’s shiny and glossy and just sexy. But then I get bored and think ok it’s black now what.

2014-07-30 15.26.52

So I wanted a deep burgandy but still to be vibrant. So not bright by any means, it would’ve been dark but with a pop of vibrance. I knew that without bleaching that probably would not turn out if I just applied burgandy on top of red and that I would’ve gotten more of a deep red/brown look. I was right. Either way, I like it.


I really need to trim my hair and leave it the hell alone because it is not growing anymore but how can it with the amount of chemicals I put into it.

What do you guys think about this hair colour? Do you like it at all?


Anyway here is a quick make up look of the day too. I kept things natural and nude for the most part. I feel like with darker hair I have more make up colours to play with. I love wearing bright pink lipstick and although I still wore it with bright red hair I did think it was a bit much and off so now I am enjoying playing up with the colours… and yet I kept it neutral lol oh the irony.

DSC00318I’ve used a matte white and matte brown shadow from my BH Cosmetics palette and on my lips I am wearing the NYX butter lipstick in Cotton Candy.


24 thoughts on “I’m dark again – hair colour change ( and a bit of FOTD)

  1. I check your all website and read your post you are doing really unique fashion which will look very impressive with such a great curly hair and all makeup you done.Please keep continue posting with us with new fashion stuff.

  2. I am the same way, color to color to color. I haven’t done that as much since I’ve been preggers but I get bored easy. Let’s start the countdown until you go back to red… LOL

    I like the dark hair, it draws more attention to your face.

      1. And it fades incredibly fast into silver. I tried two really good brands. Actually the same one I use in red so I know they were really good quality but it just fades really really quickly and so you have to keep doing it and I don’t know it destroyed my curls and my hair just stopped growing.

      2. I’m a big fan of the vegetable dye, so having to touch up every week or so wouldn’t be too bad. That’s how I kept my red bright.

  3. I feel you! It sucks to get bored with hair so often, it sucks mostly for your hair because it can sense there’s an extra burn coming it’s way. I think this colour would be easier to maintain and it won’t show off so badly when the roots grow 😀


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