2014-07-27 23.04.51

Since I put on some weight back I haven’t felt comfortable to wear crop tops or anything of similar style (compared to last summer) but I figured this doesn’t really show much but it still looks cute. The black and white combo adds class and since it’s a tiny bit of skin showing, it’s still fashionable but tastefully done.

2014-07-29 14.41.26

I actually have a maxi dress with the same print as this top. I got this at Urban Behaviour for $5.

The skirt is from a small boutique called Katie along Yonge str Toronto. $30. I love that it’s all different length and actually it’s short but has sheer long layers over it.


The flats are from Browns and actually I got them on sale for $19.99 and that’s definitely a good steal from Browns. They had them in this leopard print as well as zebra but of course I went with leopard. They’re super comfortable too and have a nice gold touch with the strap in the back.

The sunglasses are Cole Haan’s aviators and I am going through my aviator stage again.. but it seems like they’re really back in style (did they ever leave?)


img-thingIs it only really Tuesday? This week seems it will be painfully long. Ah…


Nina xo

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